Constant improvement is our main ingredient.
The raw material with which our products are manufactured is durum wheat semolina 100% necessary requirement in order to obtain the name of product of "Superior Quality" according to Spanish technical and health regulations.

This ingredient is accepted worldwide as the most appropriate in order to obtain high quality pasta due to the quality that mainly provides it with when cooking "al dente” and the texture once it is cooked.

In our case, the semolina comes mainly from the selected Aragonese durum that is appreciated for their quality. Spain is a privileged area for its particular conditions for growing durum wheat. The semolina that we use it is obtained by means of a grinding process also carried out in Spain. Later on a selection process of the semolina takes place, in order to choose those that most interest us for their features.

The other ingredients used to manufacture specialties (pasteurized egg, spinach and tomato primarily) are products completely natural and prime quality. No additives, artificial coloring or artificial agents are used. Since the manufacturing process is at high temperatures and the low water content of the dried pasta, the best before date for consumption of the products is up to three years from the date of packaging.

Pastas Alimenticias Romero was the first company of the industry in Spain to obtain the quality certification ISO 9001:2000 (latest version ISO 9001:2008) and the certification of the environmental standard ISO 14001:2004. Currently, it also has the certifications for food safety ISO 22000:2005 and the IFS (International Food Standard) in its advanced level. These certifications have been prepared by AENOR and distinguish the company within its industry in terms of quality control, environment and food safety.

The Quality Department, centralized in the modern laboratory of the factory itself and with qualified technical staff coordinates and verifies the compliance with the standards and moves towards the implementation of new controls for constant improvement.

Since 1994 it is officially certified by the C.A.A.E. (Comité Aragonés de Agricultura Ecológica/ Aragonese Committee for Organic Farming)to manufacture organic pasta.

Registration number in AENOR is ER-0129/2/00.