Pastas Romero today

Pastas Romero today

Pastas Alimenticias Romero is a family business with nearly 90 years of existence. Today is one of the industry leaders in the production of food pasta in Spain with a highly automated and versatile plant located in Daroca (Zaragoza).

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It was the first company in the industry to obtain the certification of quality assurance ISO 9000 and the environmental quality certification ISO 14000. In the present it has the certifications ISO 9001:2000 (Quality), ISO 14001:2004 (Environment) and certifications regarding food safety such as ISO 22000:2005 e IFS-INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD advanced level.

Since the early 90’ has increased significantly its sales abroad now sending its products to thirty different countries from different continents. Internationalization has enabled new markets that drive the company growth itself. Regularly participates in some of the most important food fairs in the world.

Pastas Alimenticias Romero now has modern and versatile facilities, covering an area of 40,000 square meters, 15,000 of which are built, were tradition and experience are combined with the most advanced technology in the industry.

The company has a production capacity of 300,000 kilos per day, as well as a modern reception area of raw material with high capacity, fully computerized that allows a complete traceability at all times. Its six production lines (three for short pasta, two for long pasta and one for specialties) are fully automated and they count with the state of the art technologies. Packaging systems are also automated allowing the marketing of its more than 70 varieties of pasta, in a wide range of presentations and formats.

Some of the types of pasta are:

We can also pack almost any type of package or box and format (packaged and bulk).

From the marketing stand point it is a company with experience with all types of clients, of all sizes, from very different countries and different commercial activities and varied needs.

Pastas Alimenticias Romero is located in a privileged area where high quality durum wheat is grown which is also transformed in semolina in the same region. In the nearby geographic area of Daroca is where the most number of important independent semolina manufacturers of Spain are concentrated, in two of which Romero participates.